Fishing the Grand River in Grand Haven, Michigan this fall
Posted: 10 October 2012 06:32 PM
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Kevin really hoping you see this.  Have been trying to learn the Grand this year as I know you have spent some time there yourself as you speak of in your books.  It looks like rain for this weekend both Saturday and Sunday.  My generalized question is how will the rain affect where the baitfish and ultimately bass end up.  Will fresh water running into the bayous coupled with clearer water than the main river draw the baitfish in?  Or will the rain help muddy up the river and really put the fish on wood, making them easy to target?  They are so object-oriented this time of year and it’s easy to catch them everywhere, it’s just patterning the big ones.  I’m trying to decide whether to fish the main river, backwater areas, winter areas, or some sort of migration routes.  Most of our tournaments ever since the shad have been spawning have been won fishing laydown wood.  I won one on main river wood and last weekend those fish were gone, but the same class of fish was found backed off the main river in smaller, shallower channels.  I know they are relating to bait.  How is the rain going to affect location, and where are those baitfish ultimately migrating to as the fall season progresses?  Any input from anyone would be great as this is my first year fishing a river system that seems to go along with many of the principles displayed in Elite Series events.  Thanks,