Gander guide series cranking rod
Posted: 23 July 2013 07:55 PM
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Picked up a 7’11” MH cranking rod in the Guide Series. Paid 70$. I used it this weekend and found the rating to be actually MH. It did have a nice moderate action and I was able to boat 3 river smallies with no problem the tip was quick enough for Bomber 4a’s but it handled BOMBER FFS 18’ divers and did NOT feel overloaded. Plus its graphite. i just dont like the glass feel.  Drawbacks: A little heavy but not too bad. Also, don’t use it for accuracy- it’s a launcher. ( Lost my fav wart in a tree:( )  All in all, it was pretty fun to use. I’ll prolly pick up another one for RES. Btw, I was using a Citica E 6.3:1 with Berkley 100%.