Vibratease “fish callers”
Posted: 08 September 2008 05:40 PM
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Want to catch more fish?

Try Vibratease the fish caller.

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When I first invented the fish caller, I noticed bass, perch, and crappie were more active around my lures and bait. I researched more about fish biology and was amazed by this paragraph from the Audubon Field Guide to Fishes;

“A conspicuous landmark on the body of most ray-finned fishes is the lateral line, typically a tubular canal that runs along the length of the fish at mid-side just beneath the scales and usually ends at the caudal fin base or extends to the tip of the tail. Branch tubes reach the surface through the scales, where they open to the outside through small pores. Each pore leads into a canal that contains sensory nerve endings; the sensory structures record vibrations, helping the fish avoid obstacles and locate prey. These specialized pores or pored scales may form a visible lateral line. (A lateral line is considered to be complete when it runs uninterrupted from the opercle to the caudal fin base and incomplete when it does not reach the caudal fin base.) Some species do not have a visible lateral line on the body, while a few have several lateral lines. The position of the lateral line(s) on the fish’s body and the number and size of the scales in the lateral line are often important identification clues. In addition, some species have sensory pores on the head, the overall pattern of which can also be useful in identification”.

After taking all the information that I had gathered, I began to work on the VIBRATEASE. My main goal was to create a device that would fit many old poles as well as fitting different types of fishing combinations. Being sure that the VIBRATEASE would not interfere with casting and reeling in.

So with much pleasure I would like to present:

VIBRATEASE - The Fish Caller

Mike Hendricks

(Grandpa Carl)

The quoted material is from the National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to fishes, Biology of Fishes section, page 25.

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