Ohio River Help
Posted: 06 January 2008 03:42 PM
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Kevin, i fish my local club and the Ilinois Division of BFL, this division is kinda no mans land cause of location, we would have to travel well north or south to have smallies, so everything here is primarily largemouth, the schedule is on small lakes compared to what you all fish, 19,000 and 14,000 acres…we fish one lake 2 times, 1 lake 1 time and always have 2 on ohio river, i have learneda lot on my own on the lakes, but the river is kicking my butt, i did have a top 20 and a top 10 there last year but was unimpressed with how i performed…...

I know a few years ago they had an E-50 out of Paducah i believe, just past the lock north is where we take off from, at Golconda, im not sure if you have fished that way or not, or how much ofa difference the pools are. it seems like its intentional, although im sure its not…but the river always seems like its low or is being lowered the day before our tournaments. Is there any advice on those conditions on that river and if you had to fish that without anytime on the water, is there a go-to bait and color for that body of water that you would choose and stick with all day.