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2007 BASSMASTER American


It has been a busy season so far. Anglers have been rolling miles like a trucker to places like Mexico, Alabama, and California.

This week takes us to North Carolina. High Rock should provide some big bags and plenty of excitement. The short field, invitation only, is loaded with heavy hitters and usual suspects. Look for anglers that can deal with the inconsistent weather forecast to excel.

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American 07 audio updates posted

Check out the Audio Gallery for several new updates from KVD while fishing this weekend:
KVD Audio Gallery

KVD finishes in a tie for 14th after day 2 - 12-2

Kevin had a tougher day on High Rock Lake for day 2, with a catch of 12-2. Still good enough to be just outside the top 12, but unfortunately missing the cut. The final 12 will now take it to a new lake for the final 2 days. Several familiar faces will be vying to take it into the final day of fishing in this tightly contested tourney. Unfortunately for Kevin, he finishes on the outside looking in this day.

“What’s ironic for me is there was a huge shad spawn going on at Guntersville, the last tournament, and I won it. It’s the same deal here. The shad are all over the bank, spawning. We’ll see if it pans out for me again. Spawning shad might be my lucky charm, who knows.”
— Kevin VanDam, while he was still in the running

“That takes me out.”
— VanDam, after seeing Monroe’s fish bump him out of the cut. He finished 14th.

Day 1 strong fishing: KVD 14-15

Despite concerns that High Rock Lake would not produce consistent bites, many of the top anglers posted solid bags after day 1. Kevin finds himself in the coveted top 12 heading into day 2. The first of 3 Majors this year is proving to be a worthy competition.

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2007 BASSMASTER American
High Rock Lake, Greensboro, North Carolina
May 17 - May 20, 2007


Brian Snowden - 40-3
John Murray - 33-9
Edwin Evers - 33-7
Mike Mcclelland - 33-5
Gerald Swindle - 29-11
Dean Rojas - 29-10
Ish Monroe - 28-15
Lee Bailey - 28-7
Ray Sedgwick - 28-6
Fred Roumbainis - 28-4
Russel Lane - 28-3
Mark Tucker - 28-0
Kevin VanDam - 27-1

History & Notes;

2007 Bassmaster American
Big Bass
day 1: Mike Mcclelland — 6-9
day 2: Fred Roumbainis — 6-6

  • It’s fitting that High Rock Lake is the site of the 2007 Bassmaster American. This is where Bryan Kerchal became the first Federation qualifier to win the Bassmaster Classic.
  • High Rock was also the site of the 1995 and 1998 Classics. In 1995, Mark Davis became the first and thus far only angler to win the Classic and Bassmaster Angler of the Year in the same season. In 1998, Denny Brauer won the Classic on High Rock and started a tube flipping craze among serious bass anglers.
  • It’s been the Classic or nothing for High Rock Lake. BASS’ only three visits to the lake by its highest level professional have come in three Bassmaster Classics (1994, 1995 and 1998).
  • When it rains, it pours at BASS’ High Rock events. Three of the four rainiest days in Classic history came at High Rock Lake, including a day that saw 3.23 inches of precipitation fall on the 1998 Classic field.