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2007 Champion’s Choice


Lake Champlain water levels are around three feet lower than they were for the Elite Series event in 2006. The anglers aren’t concerned though and still expect an amazing catch over this hot July weekend.

Tour Review

AOY race heats up

With a second place finish, Skeet Reese inches past KVD for the lead in the Angler of the Year Race. This one will come down to the wire. With another tournament just a week away, KVD will try to get it back within his grasp next weekend in Buffalo, New York.

KVD just a few pounds away

Even though KVD won’t be fishing on the final day, finishing in 27th, he was just a few pounds away from the top 12. This incredibly close tournament will be a tight finish to the end. Stay tuned for updates from KVD as we get them.

Day 2 and 3 good, not great for KVD

Lake Champlain was hard to read under stormy skies, and the debate raged on whether to focus on large mouth, or small mouth bass. The few at the very top of the leaderboard seemed to focus on the largemouth, though coming across a fish above the 4 pound barrier was hard to do. Kevin turned in decent hauls of 15-13 and 13-4 on Friday and Saturday. But Timmy Horton kept the heat on the field consistently averaging 20+ pound outings. Steve Kennedy is going to need a monster final day to win, and keep your eyes on Britt Myers who has been increasing his totals every day to sit at #3.

Day 1 all knotted up -- 16-3

The top of the leader board is up for grabs on day 2 after a day 1 frenzy. Steve Kennedy and Timmy Horton sit atop the board with solid 21 pound outings, and the rest of the top 30 are all within a few pounds of each other heading into a stormy day 2. The rain clouds are moving in, causing low light conditions which are great for some big fishing. Lake Champlain is just heating up, stay tuned through the weekend.

2007 Champion’s Choice
Lake Champlain, Pittsburg, New York
Jul 12 - Jul 15, 2007


Timmy Horton - 83-10
Skeet Reese - 70-13
Steve Kennedy - 68-13
Tommy Biffle - 68-11
Cliff Pace - 67-2
Takahiro Omori - 67-0
Shawn E Grigsby Jr - 65-15
Yasuke Miyazaki - 65-11
Fred Roumbanis - 64-15
Britt Myers - 64-2
Peter E Thliveros - 63-4
Bradley Hallman - 62-1
Kevin VanDam - 45-4

History & Notes;

2007 Champions Choice
Big Bass
Day 1: Davy Hite – 5-8
Day 2: Fred Roumbanis – 5-7
Day 3: Bradley Hallman – 4-13
Day 4: Takahiro Omori – 6-3

  • Long regarded as one of the best smallmouth waters in the country, Champlain has hosted BASS events on three previous occasions. In 1997, BASS legend Roland won the Vermont Top 100 with 56-15. Two years later, 2003 Classic champion Michael Iaconelli won the Vermont Top 150 with 61-3. In 2005, Joe Lucarelli won the Northern Open on Champlain with 56-7.
  • At 107 miles long and 14 miles wide, Champlain offers plenty of room to spread out.
  • For years, residents of the area considered Champlain to be an unofficial “Great Lake.” In 1998, President Clinton briefly declared it to be the sixth Great Lake before the designation was rescinded in the face of public uproar.
  • Lake Champlain was the scene of some of the first major incidents of the Revolutionary War.