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2011 Elite Series - Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash


This will be BASS' ninth professional tournament on Murray and the first since an Elite event in May 2008. That tournament was won by Elite pro Fred Roumbanis with 66-13. Roumbanis targeted areas with spawning bluegill and fished them with a topwater frog. Big bass of the tournament was caught by Elite pro Grant Goldbeck and weighed 8-7. He caught the lunker on a swimbait. The introduction of blueback herring to Murray some years ago means there's lots of schooling activity on the main lake. In 2008, those schoolers factored heavily in some of the top catches.

Tour Review

AOY points standings after the Carolina Clash
1 Terry Scroggins FL 1,490
2 Kevin VanDam MI 1,471
3 Alton Jones TX 1,471
4 Edwin Evers OK 1,437
5 Stephen Kennedy AL 1,392


Carolina Clash 2011 day 3 afternoon interview

Carolina Clash day 3, 1pm update

1:17 p.m.

Biffle seems like he is content to wait it out near the take-off area.
It wouldn't surprise me if he comes in with more than what BASSTrakk
has him at.

Instead, we get on Kevin VamDam, who has a chance to end the day in the top two on the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race.

KVD is moving around fairly rapidly. The action is brutally slow and I would be surprised if the leaderboard changes a whole lot from this
morning. What wouldn't surprise me is if one or two guys get on the afternoon bite they have claimed to be riding all week.

Fred Roumbanis is one to watch this afternoon, but we are going to stick with KVD to see if he throws down one of his VanDam hammers on this points race.

While many anglers have slowed down as the sun got higher, that word is not in the Oxford-VanDam dictionary. He's still covering water fairly quickly, looking for a bite from an active fish. I may have
seen him make a few casts with a shaky head (gasp!) but not much.

Along with the cloud cover disappearing, the wind has also changed directions from the west to the south. Will that help usher in an afternoon thunderstorm? Ask me after the weigh-in.

There was one hookset from KVD, but he hauled water.

-Rob Russow

Carolina Clash day 3, 12:04pm update

12:04 p.m.

Just doing the quick math in my head on the AOY race (and it should be noted this is no way official) it appears as if Terry Scroggins should retain the lead in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race.

He's caught enough to make that happen, at least for the moment, and assuming a lot of folks below him don't wack the snot out of them in the next few hours. But the race is tightening.

Scroggins should wind up on top. KVD, who is 23rd at the moment, could get to second, if he keeps up the pace. Alton Jones should be in third, with Edwin Evers riding his charge into fourth place. They would, or could, be as close as 60 points from each other. The way the points are, that could be the difference in an event between 1st and 20th place.

On Lake Murray that differential has been 5-pounds, which is just one maniac lunker chasing a blueback that gets hooked up and actually gets to the boat.

My math gets fuzzy after those four. But again, it's obvious how key every bite and every fish in this event will be to the eventual winner of the title.

We expect some of those key bites to come during the rest of the day.

-- Steve Bowman



8:05 a.m.

Currently we have three anglers with limits.

Iaconelli has five that weigh around 11 pounds and it's put him atop the pack. Swindle is next with a 10-pound stringer and KVD has a 9-pound stringer.

That's the top three for the moment. We don't expect to it to stay that way, but those are very important limits that could have far-reaching impacts.

Each of those guys are in a position to win this event. Lake Murray is serving up some toughness this week and no one seems to be immune, yet.

But for those three, limits create points and for every day of remaining in the Elite Series points are critical. It's feasible for KVD to be leading the AOY race at the end of the day if he puts together one of those stringers we're accustomed to seeing from him

While Iaconelli may be out of the running for another AOY title, the points are equally important to him and Swindle. Ike is around 17th place in the AOY, Swindle is 11th after Day Two action.

Swindle is in the Classic and no doubt Ike has his eye on the Red River as well. He's done well there in the past.

But they are also looking at the post-season, where the top 8 in the points will move on to All Star week. With a strong performance here today, Swindle could slip into that elite group. Ike wants to be there as well.

It's just one of the many side stories that these guys have in the back of their minds.

-- Steve Bowman




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2011 Elite Series - Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash
Lake Murray, Columbus, South Carolina
May 12 - May 15, 2011


Casey Ashley - 61-3
1. 14-13, 2. 15-4, 3. 15-13, 4. 15-5
Davy Hite - 58-1
1. 16-7, 2. 13-0, 3. 11-12, 4. 16-14
Michael Iaconelli - 58-1
1. 13-13, 2. 13-2, 3. 16-6, 4. 14-12
Brian Snowden - 57-8
1. 15-4, 2. 13-1, 3. 12-12, 4. 16-7
Kevin Wirth - 55-12
1. 13-11, 2. 13-3, 3. 15-3, 4. 13-11
Tommy Biffle - 55-2
1. 14-10, 2. 10-15, 3. 16-7, 4. 13-2
Jeff Connella - 55-0
1. 14-4, 2. 13-5, 3. 14-11, 4. 12-12
Edwin Evers - 54-13
1. 10-10, 2. 10-10, 3. 18-8, 4. 15-1
Jami Fralick - 53-7
1. 17-9, 2. 8-12, 3. 14-15, 4. 12-3
Rick Clunn - 48-11
1. 15-12, 2. 12-0, 3. 11-13, 4. 9-2
Chris Lane - 48-8
1. 14-4, 2. 10-3, 3. 14-9, 4. 9-8
Fred Roumbanis - 47-2
1. 12-5, 2. 18-4, 3. 7-14, 4. 8-11
Kevin VanDam - 35-1
1. 12-11, 2. 8-9, 3. 13-13

History & Notes;

AOY standings headed into the Carolina Clash:

1Alton JonesTX1,3722Terry ScrogginsFL1,2653Kevin VanDamMI1,2544Stephen KennedyAL1,2375Edwin EversOK1,169



Big Bass

Day 2: Dean Rojas 5-9