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Golden State Shootout


It’s been two years since BASS has been to Clear Lake, and there are quite a few anglers who are anxious to get back. The last go-around was the Western OPEN in the middle of October 2005, and the weights were heavy.

Tour Review

Record breaking outing on Clear Lake

KVD didn’t make the final 12 in the Golden State Shootout for the final day of fishing, but still finished in the top 20 to hold onto his #1 AOY ranking. Clear Lake produced huge results, with the winner Steve Kennedy averaging a 4-day tournament record 30 pounds of fish per day!

Kevin reported seeing some of the biggest bass of his life on Clear Lake. He had to employ new techniques using split head, and worm baits to finally land some of the bigger fish which were congregating around the docks. Hear Kevin’s G.S. Shootout wrap up on the KVD Audio Page here.

Audio Updates coming later today from KVD, check out the Gallery section soon.

Another huge day on Clear Lake - KVD: 24-14

Day 2 and all the anglers are pouring it on. The conditions on Clear Lake must be just right, because not even a daily 30 pound bag guarantees you a top spot in this tournament. Greg Gutierrez pulls in his second 30+ pound bag in a row to keep a strong grip on the #1 spot. KVD has another great day and moves up, still finding himself in a tie for 6th place. Kevin reports catching over 50 keepers today!

“This might be the best tournament I’ve ever been in,” KVD said. “I’ve never seen weights like this. Timing has something to do with it, but this is unbelievable.”

“These are the healthiest fish I’ve ever caught – more so than Mexico, even.”

Some sight-fishing might be a big part of the day-3 gameplan for Kevin to stay in the top 12 and make the final cut. “I’m looking around. I’m not afraid to do it.”

Huge Day 1 on Clear Lake. KVD: 27-8

All 108 anglers caught a limit on Thursday, and nearly half of those bags (51) weighed 20 pounds or more. The lightest checked in at 13 pounds – a decent sack on a lot of venues. Davy Hite had a 10-pound kicker, and all it got him was 16th place.

KVD is right in the mix, sitting in a tie for 7th, with a great 27-8 bag for the day.

Golden State Shootout
Clear Lake, Lakeport, California
Mar 29 - Apr 1, 2007


Steve Kennedy - 122-14
Skeet Reese - 117-6
Greg Gutierrez - 108-1
Gerald Swindle - 105-8
John Murray - 103-1
Kelly Jordon - 102-10
Paul Elias - 101-15
Peter Thliveros - 99-4
Jared Lintner - 97-4
Scott Rook - 97-1
Pete Ponds - 96-7
Glenn Delong, II - 80-9
Kevin VanDam - 72-0

History & Notes;

2007 Shootout

*108 pros, 108 co-anglers *Cut to top 50 after Day 2 *Cut to top 12 pro anglers after Day 3

Big Bass
Day 1 (tie): Greg Gutierrez — 10-00
Day 1 (tie): Davy Hite — 10-00
Day2: Jeff Reynolds — 12-11
Day 3: Timmy Horton — 12-1
Day 4: Gerald Swindle — 10-6

Day 1: Greg Gutierrez — 32-13
Day 2: Greg Gutierrez — 33-13
Day 3: Steve Kennedy — 40-7
Day 4: Steve Kennedy — 32-10

Previous Tournaments
Previous winners on Clear Lake
49-15, Jared Lintner, 2005
48-14, Zachary Thompson, 2004
48-14, Mark Tyler, 2003
38-2, Alton Jones, 2003
67-15, Aaron Martens, 2002
83-5, Byron Velvick, 2000

  • Heaviest winning weight: 83-5, Byron Velvick, 2000
  • Lowest winning weight: 38-2, Alton Jones, 2003
  • Clear Lake is where Byron, “The Basschelor”, Velvick set the BASS 3-day event record for heaviest catch with 83-5 in 2000.
  • Clear Lake is California’s largest freshwater lake, covering 43,785 surface acres.