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KVD Elite Round Bend Treble Hook



  • The ultimate replacement treble hook
  • Standard length shank
  • Standard wire
  • UltraPoint® Technology

Improve your hook-ups on crankbaits! Mustad KVD Elite Round Bend Treble Hooks offer precision, power, and UltraPoint Technology. This hook is ideal for topwater, jerk baits, finesse and suspending baits, or where a hook with heavier wire can throw off the balance and action of the bait. This hook is also great for larger baits where trebles with longer shanks increase the distance between the hook point and the lure body, providing increased hook-ups. Thanks to their UltraPoint Technology, KVD Elite Round Bend Treble Hooks are 20% sharper and designed to stay sharper longer.


Sizes: 8, 6, 4, 2