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KVD Premier Jigheads

Strike King

  • Ideal choice for the shaky-head technique
  • Designed with lighter weights and larger hook sizes
  • Super-secure keeper
  • Strong thin wire hook
  • Flashy, bass specific colors

Strike King® KVD Premier Jigheads are the ideal choice for the shaky-head technique, designed with lighter weights and larger hook sizes for a perfect presentation. Super-secure keeper, strong thin wire hook, and flashy, bass specific colors.

''I don't put my name on anything that I don't personally design, test, and approve. These Premier heads have a great keeper, a thin wire flex-resistance needle-sharp hook, and the metal-flake colors match up perfectly with any color KVD Finesse worm.''
Kevin VanDam
4-Time Bassmaster Classic Champion


Available Colors: Green Pumpkin Craw, Summer Craw, Bama Craw, Candy Craw,