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KVD Slash Bait Jerkbaits

Strike King

  • Rolls, wiggles and flashes
  • Weight transfer system for longer casts
  • 3D eyes

Legendary pro angler Kevin Van Dam contributions were invaluable in designing this versatile fish-getter. Strike King's KVD Jerkbait combines the roll, wiggle and flash that allow you to make perfect presentations. A weight transfer system increases this lure's castability, allowing longer and more accurate casts. Other features include 3D eyes and premium black nickel hooks. For maximum action, simply jerk on a slack line and hold on tight.

Available colors: Chrome Blue Back, Chrome Gold Black, Sexy Ghost Minnow, Sexy Blue Back Herring, Sexy Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Clear AYU, Pro Blue, Crystal Shad, Strobe Shad, silver Tennessee Shad, Chrome/Blue Back, Chrome Gold Black, Sexy Ghost Minnow, Natural Bream